Install Manjaro Linux on VMWare

Install Manjaro Linux on VMWare

This is a simple tutorial on how to install Manjaro Linux on VMWare 12.5 and up.

UPDATE: This guide has been tested and updated to support VMWare 15.0.0 and up

Create a new Virtual Machine using the Wizard

Create a New Virtual Machine and select the ISO download of Manjaro Linux. If you haven’t downloaded Manjaro, you can do it from

In the Wizard window find the ISO image you just downloaded and select Other Linux 4.x or later kernel 64-bit .

Choosing a storage

When presented with the option to select a drive size, select at least 10GB as your maximum disk size. Splitting the virtual disk into multiple files is also recommended.

Customize hardware

Before hitting Finish review the configuration options. We normally recommend using at least 8GB of RAM if you are planning on using the VM as a desktop environment. On systems with more RAM, like 32GB, you can easily go for 16GB of RAM.

You can also hit Customize Configuration and change the Display setting to support 3D Acceleration.

Start up the VM

After Manjaro finishes loading, you will be shown the desktop. You can start the installation using the Thus installer

Continue with the wizard and select Erase disk and install Manjaro under Installation Type

After the installation finishes, restart the system. You can disconnect the DVD drive from it.

Once rebooted, you can login using the username and password provided during installation.

From here you can start using Manjaro and play with configuration. Manjaro is a very fast OS based on Arch.

You can install packages using pacman or leverage the immense AUR repository available.

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