Best Git GUI clients for Linux in 2017

Best Git GUI clients for Linux in 2017

“Use the command line!” Will be one of the first things you will hear from fellow linux users when asking for a good Git GUI for linux. But the fact is, when working on large and very complex projects you usually need to switch branches, stash, compare, review, and rebase code very fast. For this, the CLI will come short. Luckily there are a few really good GUIs for Git but there are some really basic ones too. In this post we will cover some of the most popular ones.


Gnome application that allows basic functions like review, diff, stage and commit. For more complex workflows you will need to look into a more advanced app.


Git-cola is an open-source multi-platform Git GUI that allows to do all the basic functionality. Though it lacks features like search, its simple interface makes it a fast and easy to use application.

GitKraken (Free for non-commercial use)

One of the new clients, it’s powerful and sleek looking. The GUI helps to visually understand the history, branching and states of the repository. The app has all the basic functionality plus multi branch viewing and search. The pro version includes a powerful merge tool.

GitAhead ($29)

While not free, GitAhead is a very powerful multi-platform git GUI that supports staging, commit, push, code editing, search, branching, etc. This is one of the most feature rich clients for Linux at the moment.

SmartGit (Free for non-commercial, $99 license)

A feature rich application built in Java. SmartGit has all the features you would expect from a an advanced Git GUI. It’s also multi-platform.

SmartGit comes with a diff tool and ssh client. It has a very powerful history viewer and allows you to see many projects at the same time. It’s definitely one of the most powerful git clients available.


Giggle is a very simple Git client, and for a lot of users this is more than enough. It can do basic tasks like history viewing but forget about committing, pushing pulling and search.

Our Choice

It’s a tie between GitAhead and GitKraken. Both are terrific choices for fully featured Git clients, but on one side GitAhead doesn’t have as many features as GitKraken, but it’s fast and simple. On the other side, GitKraken is based on Node so it runs over Electron which may not be as fast we hoped for.

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