Fonts on Windows 10 can also look good

Windows 10 Font Rendering with MacType

Windows 10 Font Rendering with MacType

Windows 10 font rendering engine has been one of the complains by a lot of Linux and Mac users for years. Though it works fine on smaller sized text, it looks rough and lacks the smoothness competitor OSes like macOS and Linux have.

Enters MacType

MacType is a software build by a Japanese developer that wanted to bring the Mac style of font rendering to the Windows OS. This open source software has over 1600 stars in GitHub and is under active development. Latest versions have shown the software running well under Windows 10 Creators Update.

How does it work

MacType will have a few background processes that will hook to running applications and override their font rendering. Since Windows has many application frameworks, this may be more complicated than it sounds. Regular Win32 applications seem to be easy to override but the new UWP tend to have some issues.

The application can run in different modes, but in order to take full advantage of it, it should be run as a service. This is because the application needs the permissions to access the processes. This is specially true for Google Chrome and other chromium based applications.

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The improvements will vary depending on the configuration you have selected, but it’s definitely an improvement.


One of the best features of MacType is the ability to create and customize configurations. The software comes with more than 20 different font configs already, but with the included editor you can create the config that suits your PC (and needs) the best.


Using MacType will improve the font smoothing of your computer but it’s not perfect. You will definitely need to find and tweak the app to find the best font rendering configuration that works for you and your PC.

Download MacType for Windows 10

You can download MacType directly from GitHub.

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