Best Console Apps for Ubuntu on Windows (WSL)

Best Console Apps for Ubuntu on Windows (WSL)

WSL Terminal

WSL Terminal is a console application based on mintty, fatty and wsl-bridge. It offers a more customizable experience over the default Bash terminal but it lacks some good features found in terminals like ConEmu.

✔ Portable version makes it easy to setup.
✔ Supports tabs
✔ Comes with themes
✔ Lighweight
✖ No tiling support
✖ No CTRL+C/CTRL+V support. Uses legacy Shift+Insert shortcuts


wsltty is a modified version of mintty and it’s a less customizable than WSL terminal. That said, it has a very simple setup and it’s lightweight.

✔ Very simple setup
✔ Lightweight
✖ No portable version offered


This is the most feature rich console application for Windows. It supports multiple console types: Git Bash, Ubuntu Bash, Powershell, CMD, etc. It also has tiling (split) functions and has the most complete configuration options. If you are looking for a do-it-all terminal for Windows, ConEmu is the best choice.

✔ Tabs support
✔ Portable version available
✔ Tilling support
✔ Quake mode (drop down from top of screen)
✔ Multiple font antialising options
✔ Shell integration options
✔ Highly customizable
✖ Not the fastest


Hyper.js is built based on Electron (in case you need more Electron based apps). The console app is simple to install, update and use. It doesn’t have configuration UI but a JSON file where you can change things like your theme, default bash (cmd, ubuntu bash, etc) and fonts. One of the best features from this app is just how simple it is, there isn’t much to configure and there isn’t much to break. It also looks really good.

✔ Tabs support
✔ Simple to use
✖ Not the fastest. Based on Electron
✖ Not the best color scheme for a default install
✖ Not many configuration options or multiple terminal emulators.

Windows CMD

Comes with Windows and it’s the default console application for both Windows Prompt and WSL.

✔ Windows default terminal
✔ Officially supported by MS
✖ No tabs
✖ No tiling
✖ No theme support
✖ Not many configuration options.


We are now getting into X territory but Terminator is one the best console apps for Linux and you can run it on Windows. If you follow our guide to install XFCE on Windows you can then install Terminator by doing apt install terminator -y.

Some of the best features of Terminator is the ability to tile consoles, support for tabs and keyboard shortcuts.

✔ Tiles support
✔ Tabs support
✔ High performance
✔ High compatibility
✖ Needs X server to run.

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