As a gift or for yourself these are great Nintendo Switch accessories on a budget.

10 Great Nintendo Switch Accessories You Can Buy For under $50

10 Great Nintendo Switch Accessories You Can Buy For under $50

Great Nintendo Switch Gift Ideas for Under $50

Kids and adults love their Nintendo Switch and taking them to different places is one of great features of it. That said, you can make the experience even better if you add great accessories to it. From storage, to carrying cartridges and wireless audio, here’s a list of what we think are fantastic accessories you can buy as a present or for yourself.

1. Nintendo Switch Bluetooh Adapter under $50

GuliKit is a brand dedicated to build Nintendo Switch accessories and their Bluetooth adapter is one of their most popular ones. The idea is simple: You connect the adapter to the bottom of your Switch, where the USB Type-C port is located and it enables you to connect wireless headphones. Some of its features is that it supports both AptX and AptX LL, meaning that you will have very low latency.

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2. Zadii Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

If you often travel, carrying things on your bags can be a challenge. You normally want to bring your Switch, controllers, games and cables. This normally results into throwing everything into your backpack or luggage. A great way to protect your Switch and keep everything organized.

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3. UniKeep Game Cartridges Case

Keep your cartridges organized and in a single box with this super handy and inexpensive little box. It holds up to 60 Switch cartridges and for a of us, it’s way more than the amount we have. This is a great present for kids.

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4. amFilm Screen Protector

There isn’t much to explain on this one. Screen protectors are a must have for pretty much any device. What a lot of people forget is that screen protectors scratch and get blurry over time and heavy use, so replacing them is always welcomed.

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5. AmazonBasics Charging Station Dock

We don’t often recommend AmazonBasic products but for the low price of this one and how practical it is, it’s hard not to recommend. This charging station supports 4 joy-cons to be charged at a time and can be plugged directly into the Switch Dock, making it a very convenient way to keep your controllers charged all the time.

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Alternative Nintendo Switch Controllers Under $50

Nintendo Switch controllers are great, BUT they are expensive. If you have kids you know how little care they can take of controllers and while the official ones are durable they still break, and they cost well over $70. For those looking for more affordable options, here are some great alternatives

6. Ralthy Nintendo Switch Controller

If you were a fan of the Ouya controller then this one is perfect for you. This controller has great compatibility with the Nintendo Switch and support most of the features found in the Switch Pro controller: Bluetooth, vibration and gyroscope for rotation. It comes with a 600mAh battery which should last for at least 6 hours of continuos use.

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67. Nintendo Switch Fighting Stick Officially Licensed

Hori is known for making great budget Nintendo Switch accessories and this is one of them. The Switch Fighting Mini stick is a great small arcade style stick that doesn’t break the bank. We know this may fall out of the under $50 list but they also have a Ryu and Ken version for just $10 more.

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8. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controllers

PowerA has a ton of different designs for their Switch Controllers ranging from $39 to $59, as listed. These controllers look and feel like the official ones and for the most part they work just great.

The downside? They use AA batteries, so you will be going through a lot of them.

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9. Afterglow Switch Controller

We can’t list alternative controllers unless we list Afterglow ones. These controllers not only work well but they look amazing with transparent plastic and color glowing. They offer customizing options and you can change colors.

Their features include:

  • Wireless
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Customize colors
  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo

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10. PowerA GameCube Controller for Nintendo Switch

Another must have if you like playing Super Smash Brothers with old-school Nintendo Gamecube controllers. PowerA controllers are considered good quality and should these aren’t the exception.

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