HDD vs SDD vs NVMe

windows hardware
HDD vs SSD vs NVMeMechanical drives have been around for quite a while, and the fact that they are still available and used in devices being sold ...
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New Features in WSL2 for Windows 10

windows wsl
Windows Subsystem for Linux is one of the most impressive features that has been added to Windows in many years. It was initially released on Augu ...
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Run Linux VS Code on WSL

windows linux wsl
This guide assumes you already have WSL installed in your system and you are currenly running an Ubuntu distro. 1. Get XFCE readyIf you are new to ...
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Best Citra 3DS games on 2018

emulation nintendo
Citra is a Nintendo 3DS emulator and it’s shown an incredible amount of progress over the last year, to the point that is worth checking every onc ...
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Run Overwatch on Ubuntu 18.04 with Lutris

linux gaming
This guide will show you how to install Overwatch (as of October 2018) on Ubuntu Linux via Lutris, with an Nvidia card. Install LutrisIntructions ...
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Find your IP from Linux console

linux cli api
For the last few years, Google has been offering an easy way to see your IP. Just Google “what is my ip” and you will be presented with the IP rig ...
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Windows 10 Font Rendering with MacType

windows rice
Windows 10 font rendering engine has been one of the complains by a lot of Linux and Mac users for years. Though it works fine on smaller sized te ...
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Run XFCE in Windows 10 via WSL

windows linux wsl
Windows 10’s WSL is gaining a lot popularity lately. The fact that we are able to natively-ish run Linux apps on Windows is definitely something w ...
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Best Git GUI clients for Linux in 2017

linux git
“Use the command line!” Will be one of the first things you will hear from fellow linux users when asking for a good Git GUI for linux. But the fa ...
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Install Manjaro Linux on VMWare

linux manjaro vmware
This is a simple tutorial on how to install Manjaro Linux on VMWare 12.5 and up. UPDATE: This guide has been tested and updated to support VMWare ...
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